Hot Designation

Hot Designation plugin for WordPress is an attractive way to show some breaking or the most important news on your WordPress site. We used it on several of our themes, in example Hot Destinations or Hot Design Now (demo). On one side of the widget, there are a big picture and control buttons, and on another side, there are heading, text, read more link and a small image. The plugin is very configurable and insertion of content is very easy. Everything can be done through the widget’s options panel.

There are many parameters available in the widget’s settings, as you can see on the screen shot published on this page. You can control many things, including the widget’s dimensions (left and right side, and overall), fonts (family, weight, style) of the headings and text, image borders, and so on. Speed of animation is also customizable, so you can control up/down movements of side column as well as fade speed of the big image transitions.

To learn more about this WordPress plugin, please visit main Hot Designation plugin page.

We are selling this plugin for $15, but if you buy this theme, you will get this plugin for free!

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